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H2 Coaching

H2 provides high quality individual coaching to suit a range of needs and budgets.

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We offer 1:1 coaching to help maximise real learning that can be transferred directly to the workplace. Our face-to-face coaching is designed to enable ongoing learning and development through personalised and focused sessions that take place over an agreed period of time. We also offer telephone/email/on-line live messaging support that can be used to further explore and develop key learning points after a face-to-face session.

Benefits of coaching

It is increasingly recognised that improved organisational performance is impossible without changing personal and inter-personal behaviours. However, human behaviour is not as easily changed as changing a system, introducing a new initiative or imposing a new organisational structure. Moreover, most behavioural change efforts will fail, unless they are adequately and effectively supported. Some of the specific benefits of coaching are therefore as follows:

Coaching can...

1. ...facilitate increased productivity through improved communication, improved staff commitment and loyalty and decreased levels of stress and tension.

2. ...assist individuals to remain loyal and committed to the company in the face of increasingly demanding workloads and decreasing levels of job security.

3. ...help to prevent "burn-out" which, as some studies suggest, can be as high as thirty-three per cent for senior executives.

4. ...help individuals to develop better interpersonal skills - common reasons for interpersonal conflict in the workplace include managers being too abrasive, too controlling and often being too isolated. Coaches work with executives to explore their behaviours, and to recognise and regulate any self-defeating beliefs, assumptions and actions.

5. ...help leaders to think and plan more strategically, to manage risk more effectively, and to create and communicate vision and mission.

6. ...help with the development and maintenance of commitment and personal responsibility both internally and externally with clients and customers.

7. ...enable executives or managers to leverage their personal power more effectively and more ethically.

8. ...develop qualities and skills that have been proven to be linked to success, including: self and social awareness, communication style, motivation, and self-management.

Types of coaching

The type of coaching you choose will be dependent on the needs of the individual, usually in relation to their current and potential work roles. Coaching from H2 can focus on any or all of the following 4 areas:

Coaching for...

Skills - this helps the individual to learn specific skills, to develop key competencies and to gain new perspectives. The skills to be learned are identified from the outset, and are typically related to the individual's specific job role responsibilities.

Performance - this focuses on the individual's effectiveness in their current position. Frequently it involves coaching for one or more specific competencies, such as communication, team building, conflict management or delegation.

Development - this is used to explore and enhance an individual's capabilities and characteristics required for a future job or role. It can sometimes be associated with outplacements or with the restructuring of an organisation.

The individual's agenda - this generally involves working with an individual on any personal, inter-personal or organisational concerns they may have. It can focus on issues relating to their specific role, such as during a period of change or prior to a company re-structuring. This type of coaching can be useful address any personal issues that are affecting performance.

H2 Coaches

H2 coaches work to our strict quality standards and are selected for their:

Coaching Methods and Style

We recognise that people learn and respond to coaching in different ways. We therefore aim to facilitate coaching sessions that are enabling and motivating, yet challenging.

Our coaching style is relatively informal. We believe that whilst personal effectiveness can be understood on an intellectual level, learning that brings about the desired changes requires a supportive and relaxed environment. We therefore encourage individuals to explore their own behaviour, attitudes and potential during the sessions, and to learn from their experience by planning how they will do things differently or better in future.

Feedback from previous coaching delegates consistently indicates that our coaching process and style is very well regarded, and that it effectively facilitates learning and development by responding specifically to the needs of the individual.


On request, we provide personal certificates for any delegates wishing to compile a portfolio of on-going learning and development.


We offer delegates the opportunity to give feedback on all elements of our coaching sessions, which helps us to ensure that our services are continuously evaluated and adapted to suit the changing needs of our customers. We also promise to respond personally to any specific points or suggestions, if requested.

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