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How To Make Training Stick

Do you worry that soft skills training is not much more than an interesting interlude, a day’s networking, or just a change of scenery?

Most people will recognise the huge potential personal and organisational benefits of enhancing professional people/communication skills. And many (including all of us at H2!) genuinely believe that training and coaching are the tools of choice for achieving the desired improvements.

However, research* has shown a depressingly low level of retention and implementation of learning following training, with even the most motivated and inspired trainees recalling as little as 10% of their learning after a just few days...

Elephant in the Training Room

"The Elephant in the Training Room"
Ordinarily 90% of what people learn in isolated training is likely to be forgotten within a few days

... so it's no wonder cost-minded managers are having second thoughts about investing in training! Fortunately, further studies* have shown that if you combine the training with effective lead-up as well as ongoing reinforcement (including goal setting, follow-up, coaching, and measurement), retention of learning can soar to 87 percent – and that’s definitely a solid return on investment!

So isn't it time to beat the odds, and get the best value from your training?

"Stop wasting your time and money, and find out how to make the learning from soft skills courses stick!"

Get access to our FREE expert guide to making training stick:

H2: How to Make Training Stick eBookH2: Making Training Stick back cover

It's unfortunate that many people (trainees, managers and trainers) are still failing to recognise the importance of creating and delivering a strategy for making the learning from training stick. As a result, they aren't getting the maximum possible benefits from their investment of time, energy and money into their training…

The good news is that by implementing a few simple but highly effective tips - before, during and after the training - you will ensure outstanding results every time!

Tina Halperin Director of H2 training

Hello! I'm Tina Halperin, Director of H2 Training & Consultancy Ltd, and Founder of LinkedIn Group "How to Make Training Stick". I'm passionate about ensuring that face-to-face training delivers on its promises to create long lasting improvements for individuals and the organisations they work in. I'd like to offer you free access to my 'How to' Guide: "How to Make Training Stick - 60 Essential Tips for getting maximum value from your training."

With over 20 years of hands-on experience of providing and managing Training and Development initiatives (as a trainer and as a manager), I have learnt the long and hard way how NOT TO go about planning and delivering training. Through bitter experience, I have seen how demoralising and frustrating it can be for everyone involved when training is seen as a one-off-event, or a box-ticking exercise. No matter how well the training is planned and delivered, no matter how skilled the trainer is, or how enthusiastic the trainees are on the day, the leraning just won't stick unless the trainer, the trainees and their managers understand and are able to put into practice a few simple but rarely applied principles.

The topics I cover in the guide include, amongst others:

At H2, we have already brought the benefits of our 'Making Training Stick' approach with a wide range of customers, including Ascent Media, British Bakeries, DHL and Kellogg's - and now you can start implementing it yourself, totally free of charge!

So why am I giving this information away for free? Simple: I feel that by sharing my expertise, it will transform the way H2 is able to design and deliver training for our current and future customers. I therefore have no problem giving this guide to you, as I'd like to introduce the ideas to as many trainees, managers and trainers as possible.

Sign up today, and we'll grant you free access to our online eReader straight away, so you can start to implement my tips for making your training stick!

Kind regards


Tina Halperin Bsc (Hons), MBPS, MIfL, MIoD, MInstLM

Director, H2 Training & Consultancy Ltd
and Author of "How to Make Training Stick"


*Mary L. Broad and John W. Newstrom - 1992, and or our own assessment of post-course evaluations during 2000-2012

Take a look at what others are saying about it!

  • "A great guide for someone to get a good grip on the art of training. I am very impressed by how you have summed up the bare basics and defined the roles for the trainer, the trainee and the trainee's manager to make any training effective for its purpose of implementation." Abdul Majed - Senior Operations Manager, Trainer & Consultant

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  • "Any organisation that makes it possible for their staff to go on training should use these tips/ guidelines to ensure that the training candidates receive is of lasting value. The topic covered in this booklet is very relevant to most organisations and I think that if it taken to heart and utilised, it will have a lasting effect on the way training is provided and managed." Emari Erxleben, HR Intern
  • "I must say that we are currently having such problem in my office.
    A day or two after training and everyone is so enthusiastic but give it a week, its business as usual. Am really getting so frustrated but after reading this, I believe I now know how to help myself and my colleagues to be the best we can be at every given time. Thank you so very much, its truly an honor to be part of the recipient of this eBooklet."
    Ifeanyi Kalu Odike, Room Division Manager/HR
  • "May I congratulate you on your fantastic eBooklet which, in my opinion, should be standard issue to all training professionals! I loved your concept of 'assisted change' and think this is something that all trainers should commit to as a firm belief and a starting point when planning a training programme. This publication has been incredibly thought-provoking for me in terms of my own practice. Whilst I have considered myself to have been working collaboratively with my client organisations and my learners, I have now identified some areas I will develop as a result of the booklet. I would highly recommend the eBooklet to those involved in training and development and managers alike. If we were all to take on board the tips contained within this little gem of a publication, we could indeed ensure that our training sticks!" Kate Shahid L&D Specialist
  • "Awesome practical applications for ensuring improvements to training and other interventions. Absolutely going to use the content to improve my training programme design and content, and will use the info in the booklet to help me create a check-list going forward. " Joi Benjamin, HR Consultant
  • "This eBook will assist our organization in showing how vital it is for the manager to be invested and present in the success of their employee. So many times it is left to the trainee to research what training they need, take the training and is expected to get positive results. The trainee's manager specifically forgets this is a team effort and it effects everyone. It isn’t overdesigned and it really cuts to the core of the three most important aspects of training: the trainer, the trainee and the manager.  The tips are specific and short and to the point, it is a book that you can carry with you anywhere you go." Lorena Gingerich, Human Resources Representative at University of Iowa
  • "I think it is a perfect read for new trainers and for purchasers of training. I'm sure we have all come across the business manager or even the HR manager who thinks they know a lot about getting the best out of their staff, but who have no idea of how to extract the best value out of learning and development. This should be a "must read" for all those people." Moir Ferguson, Personal and Business Development Specialist
  • "Tina gets to the core of what is needed to ensure training does stick and it changes behaviour and enhances skills. It needs to be a collaboration between the trainer, trainee and the trainee’s manager and they all need to know their roles and responsibilities. This booklet highlights the need for each participant to add value to the training experience and ensure that the training delivers results" Jill Mytton Chief Executive Partners 4 Success Ltd
  • "Making Training Stick" is an indispensable guide for those embarking on any kind of training programme. Both practitioners and trainees will find it clear-headed, pragmatic and immediately usable. It's so comprehensive, in fact, it could be subtitled "Everything you wanted to know about training but were afraid to ask." More than providing an A-Z list of valuable insights, it puts everyone on the same page in terms of trust and expectations -- two prerequisites for making training stick!" Winston Pickett Director at Winston Pickett Communications & Consultancy.
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