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How to delegate effectively

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Effective delegation fulfils a wide range of important functions – not just for the person delegating the task, but also for individual being delegated to as well as the organisation as a whole. A manager or supervisor who is able to delegate effectively will see all the benefits come to fruition, but if they get it wrong they will begin to see the consequences - ranging from from de-motivation, to errors, and even sabbotage.

Effective Delegation


Use the following summary of the seven stage delegation process to check out your own approach to delegation. The time you invest in each stage will depend on the magnitude, importance and complexity of the task; how well you know and trust the delegatee; and the amount of time and resources available.

1. Analysis

2. Planning

3. Identifying the right person

4. Considering responsibility and authority

5. Making the delegation - briefing

6. Reviewing progress

7. Appraising completion

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