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How to work with someone who has an abrupt and brusque manner…

Dear H2

I work with someone who has a very abrupt and brusque manner, and can often come across as rude. The team have had a very difficult time recently, and the working environment is poor. This member of staff is now displaying a very de-motivated, negative and destructive attitude at meetings.

What do you suggest?

Regards, P

Dear R

When things are difficult at work, people either pull together, or take it out on each other. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have someone who is taking out their frustration on the people around them.

Although it is easy to empathise with the frustration and resulting lack of motivation they feel, their negative behaviour is not helpful to anyone.

If you haven't talked to them about it yet, you could try encouraging an honest 1:1 discussion about how they're feeling about their work. By giving them a chance to air their frustrations with you, they may not need to do it so publicly in future. If that doesn't work, you could be more direct, and discuss ways in which they (and others) can help to keep the team morale high during these difficult times.

All the best!

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