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How to feel more motivated and interested in my job…

Dear H2

I used to love my job, but I'm now feeling de-motivated. The change came about when my old boss left, and a colleague who I don't particularly like was promoted to their job.

How do I get things back to how they were? I really don't want to leave!

Yours, B

Dear B

Perhaps it's time for you to look at all your options, from a clear and objective perspective. You say you really don't want to leave, but maybe it's actually time to move on for your own reasons.

If, having considered all the pros and cons of your current job, you decide that it's really not time to move on yet, then you will need to find away of improving the relationship you have with your new manager.

Start by identifying the good things about working with them, and keep a positive attitude. Then try to identify how and why your motivation has changed. Is it because you're not being praised as much as you used to be? Or perhaps it's because you actually would have liked the promotion yourself, and can't see anything worth working towards anymore. Be honest with yourself, and then try to find ways of doing things to turn the situation round. This might include volunteering to take on additional tasks, or attending training to improve your skills in new areas.

You may find that sharing your needs with your new boss will improve your working relationship, which will have a knock-on effect on your motivation.

Good luck!

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