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How to deal with a critical boss who doesn't give enough direction…

Dear H2

My boss has a very 'laissez faire' attitude most of the time - he lets me get on with my work mostly uninterrupted. However, he can also be extremely critical, which I find hurtful, especially when he hasn't given me proper instructions in the first place.

Can you help?


Dear A

Rather than letting your boss's management style get to you, do something proactive to improve the situation. You may need to take some control, and share with him your need either for more guidelines, or for more autonomy.

You will probably need to clarify mutual expectations and learn more about each other's motivations and priorities. Try asking him for some specific ideas of what he values in terms of quality and success, and suggest how you might follow up tasks that he's delegated to you.Finally, perhaps you could learn to see the funny side, and try to take any well-founded criticism a little less personally. Even if you haven't done something to his particular expectations, it doesn't mean you're a lesser person.

Best of luck!

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