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Productivity and Wellbeing

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What's the big deal about Productivity and Wellbeing training?

The workplace is becoming ever more demanding and hectic, with individuals often having to deal as efficiently and effectively with increasing time pressures, complex projects, less defined working relationships and conflicting priorities.

Missed deadlines, avoidable errors, complaints and conflicts are the things that most people would want to avoid, but unfortunately are having to endure on a regular basis. The impact on any organisation of ineffective time management is clear, however the impact on the individual may be less obvious - particularly if they are using short-term coping strategies that seem to work, such as working excessive hours. Ironically, it is difficult to escape the negative effects of pressurised working - unless you're Superman/Superwoman! Increased sickness and absenteeism, decreased productivity and a rise in costly mistakes are all more likely.

Individuals wishing to improve their productivity and wellbeing are often interested in finding ways to:

      • Improve personal efficiency and productivity, whilst protecting their own health and wellbeing
      • Improve and protect their own credibility and reputation without having to take on more and more responsibility
      • Respond positively and proactively to workplace challenges and pressures, instead of letting them slowly grind them down
      • Plan and implement personal time/stress management strategies that really work and that stick not just in the short-term
Improving productivity and protecting our own and others' wellbeing is not just about learning techniques to take on more and more, nor about becoming ever-more efficient. Neither is it just about learning how to relax. It is more about learning the techniques of self-management, task and relationship management in order to make the best possible use of precious time, energy and resources at work.

effective communication and relationship management

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"Itís not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?"

Henry David Thoreau

Top Tips from H2

How to improve your time management skills

The idea of managing time has been in existence well over a century. Effective time management is primarily about developing a number of good habits and working towards eliminating of some of the bad ones. If you want to use your time efficiently to accomplish all that you have to do, then you need to be aware of the things that control your use of time. Click Here for some useful tips on how to improve your skills in this area.

How to recognise workplace stress

The urgency felt by to companies and individuals to recognise the symptoms and minimise stress in the workplace, is now greater than ever. We live in times when we are expected to perform multiple roles with superhuman abilities. We rush from one task to another, living life at an ever-exhausting pace... and not without cost: Stress has become a major cause of absence from work and we increasingly see headlines announcing large cash compensation settlements for cases of work-related stress. Click Here for some useful tips on recognising the symptoms and understanding the causes of workplace stress.

Click the 'play' button below to see an inspiring presentation of "50 ways to deal with stress"...

Productivity and Wellbeing Training

Would you or others in your team benefit from training in time and/or stress management?

As well as the information and advice availble from the internet and from reading books, there's huge additional benefit to be gained from the interaction, practical exercises and valuable feedback that face-to-face training and coaching gives. In relation to the category of Productivity and Wellbeing, H2 offers:

Communication and Relationship Management Training

Open Courses

We offer a range of open courses within this category. They're held in Central London in convenient locations on a regular basis, and a place costs from just £270 +VAT per person for a 1-day course. Click on the "Open Courses" button above for more details.

Inhouse Courses

We can deliver any of our open course topics at your own premises or at a local venue of your choice. we charge a flat daily fee from £800 +VAT per day (from £700 +VAT for not-for profit organisations), for any number of attendees up to 12 people, dependent only on the location and the duration of the course. Click on the "In-house Courses" button above for more details.

Bespoke Courses

Our bespoke service involves us designing and delivering a tailored course to meet your more individual requirements. Following a short but effective pre-course consultation, we put together a course programme that reflects your specified priorities, and that includes exercises based on real-life case studies/scenarios. This helps us to ensure that the course stays focussed on the issues that are most important to you and your delegates. Click on the "Bespoke Training" button above for more details.

One-to-One Training

We offer all of our open course topics as 1:1 training. The cost is dependent upon the topic, location and duration and we offer discounts for two or more sessions. For example, the fees for our standard 1:1 training in Central London covering an open course topic (such as "Time Management") are £550 +VAT. Click on the "1:1 Training" title above for more details.

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