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Effective Delegation

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1-day In-house Course

Delegation is an important feature of many workplace relationships and the need for effective delegation is on the increase - now more than ever, there is greater pressure for teams to achieve more, better and faster. Despite understanding the value of delegation, many people say that they wish they could delegate more, but that they just don’t trust that the job will be done to the required standard. As organizations and teams become more complex, roles and responsibilities are often less defined and there are numerous areas of potential difficulty, confusion and conflict.

However, despite the potential pitfalls, many of these can be alleviated – through the effective use of a delegation process, through developing awareness of two-way responsibilities and through specific skills development. This course will enable participants to achieve more at work and to empower colleagues by learning to delegate more effectively. It will help them to overcome any inhibitions about delegation, and demonstrate the benefits of delegating important and stretching tasks.

It is particularly recommended for anyone required to manage, to motivate or to lead others at work, whether they are a part of the same team/department, or whether they are outside their direct line-management responsibility.

"Excellent, many thanks! I now realise I had seen delegation as a way of palming off tasks I couldn't manage myself, but am really keen to go back to work an use it as a way of developing and motivating my team."

“I can see now how important it is to follow a process of delegation to make sure that the person has all the information and support they need.”

“A great course, really practical and down to earth. I have a much clearer understanding of how I can make the difference between a delegated task that goes horribly wrong and one that is a success, and a positive experience for all involved.”·

“Thanks for another great course! I am really pleased to know that it is ok for me to delegate, as long as I do it 'right' by choosing the right person, setting the boundaries/expectations and giving enough support”

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