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Emotional Intelligence at Work

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1-day In-house Course

Organisations of all sizes are increasingly recognising the key role that 'Emotional Intelligence' (EQ) has in the effectiveness of the organisation at all levels. Managers and team leaders are required to fulfil a much broader remit - not just to have technical or specialist expertise, but also to have a range of personal attributes and abilities; team members need to be able to co-operate and to work effectively with their colleagues and managers; and front-line staff need to be able to deal professionally with difficult/stressful situations with customers and suppliers.

This course will equip delegates with the skills and knowledge for the practical application of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, including: Self-awareness, Self-management, Motivation, Empathy and Social Competence. It will help delegates to understand themselves and others better, and will give an insight into how to build productive and professional relationships at work.

It is recommended for anyone who would like to learn how emotions affect performance at work, and how to use practical but effective strategies to manage emotions in difficult situations.

Psychometric Test

In addition to the face-to-face element of the training, we also offer an optional on-line psychometric test, which can be completed as a self-assessment or as a 360 degree appraisal of the 18 EQ competencies. Whist it is entirely optional, the assessment is extremely useful for enhancing self-awareness and for providing a focus for on-going learning and development. The test can be completed at any time, and includes a comprehensive printed report for future reference.

"EI underpins so much activity at work, that this course should be mandatory for all staff, just as one or two others are."

"This course has really changed my perception of what it takes to be successful at work - thank you so much!"

“It was extremely interesting and thought provoking, but it was also very practical, and helped to generate lots of ideas that will apply to almost any situation at work.”

“Excellent – this is the foundation of any individual's success. Where have we been without understanding and applying EQ?”

“Brilliant – I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who doesn't work in a bubble..."

Please email us if you would like a more detailed course outline and a tailored quote.

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