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Influencing Skills

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1-day In-house Course

More and more organisations are moving towards team-based, rather than hierarchical structures. This means that there is a greater emphasis on communication and negotiation across the organisation, than simply on positional status to make things happen. Some people seem to be particularly influential – they seem to be able to gain support and commitment for their ideas and goals more easily than others. However, the ability to influence positively and effectively is a skill that can be learnt and developed by anyone wishing to communicate their ideas persuasively, to build strong on-going relationships and networks and to gain acceptance and commitment from others.

This course will enable participants to practice the necessary skills to fulfil their personal objectives, whilst maintaining strong, long-lasting professional relationships. It is particularly recommended for anyone required to manage, to motivate or to influence their colleagues, customers or suppliers.

"The most useful part of the course was planning the process of positive influence, and matching the style, method and content to the situation."

“An excellent course that shows you an effective way of influencing others without resorting to using the ‘trump card’ of your position in the hierarchy.”

“Understanding how to gain commitment rather than compliance is critical, and something I am grateful for having learnt today. Thanks!”

“The course gave good practical advice about how I can change the way I attempt to influence others at work”


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