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Managing your Manager

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1-day In-house Course

Effective management depends on the development and maintenance of a productive two-way relationship. This will only happen both people understand each other's roles and responsibilities, and have an ability to create a positive working dynamic.

This course will enable delegates to consider their own responsibilities towards their manager, and to discover how they can play an effective part in ensuring a working relationship that is rewarding for themselves, their manager, their team and the organisation as a whole.

It is particularly recommended for anyone who has a manager... whether you are struggling to understand and fit in with each other's ways of doing things, or whether you feel things are going as well as can be expected, there is always room for improved communication and co-operation - and this course will definitely show you how to improve the way you work together!

"This was a fantastic course! I had never really thought about my responsibility in making my relationship with my manager work. Thanks!"

“A really useful day... I have come away feeling so much more positive and motivated to make things better between me and my manager!”

“I have always deferred to my manager for making the relationship work. I know now that it's also my responsibility to negotiate for what I need to help me to do my job better.”·

“I am looking forward to having a useful conversation with my manager to discuss how we can do things differently to help each other to achieve our own objectives. I can see now how important it is to get this relationship on track...”

Please email us if you would like a more detailed course outline and a tailored quote.

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