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Personal Development Planning

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1-day In-house Course

Organisations clearly benefit from having individuals who deliberately plan their on-going development, and pursue opportunities to develop and grow within their current job. This course will provide participants with the framework and inspiration to work out what they want from their careers and how to make the best of the opportunities for training and development, whether provided by their employer or funded by themselves. It will enable them to discover how to get to where they want to go; how to formulate their own goals and ambitions and will help them to identify and utilise a wide range of formal and informal development opportunities and processes, often not considered.

It is particularly recommended for anyone who is at a crossroads in their career, or for anyone who would like to be more proactive in planning and developing their ongoing development of knowledge and skills in order to improve their longer-term prospects.


"It helped me be more aware of what my strengths and skills are, and what I really want from my career, so I am now better able to plan my on-going development and be more strategic in my choice of development activities."

““The course was well structured and very well facilitated, it was very thought provoking and enlightening.”

“I learnt a lot about my attitudes and values and how I need to incorporate these into my personal development plan”

“It was an excellent course and I learnt a lot about personal development planning that I will be applying to my own situation, but it will also help me to encourage members of my team to be more thought through in their own ongoing development.”

“It helped reinforce how important it is to stay focussed on where you’re heading”


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