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Managing Poor Performance

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1-day In-house Course

Managing poor performance is a responsibility that most managers find at best unpleasant, and at worst, extremely daunting. Unfortunately, this often means that poor performance is not actually managed - it is left to get slowly worse, in the hope that the person will eventually decide to leave of their own accord. Allowing poor performance to continue is not only bad news for person themselves, it also affects the credibility of the manager, and the organisation as a whole.

This course will equip front-line managers with the skills and knowledge to deal confidently and professionally with poor performers. It will show delegates how to use appropriate formal and informal processes of support, training & development, meetings and reviews to enable performance to get back on track, and to avoid escalating problems for everyone involved.

It is particularly recommended for new or aspiring managers, or those who would like to improve their confidence and ability to deal professionally and effectively with poor performance.

"This was the most difficult part of my job, so the course has really helped me to focus on what's important and how to achieve a win/win outcome".

“This was so helpful! I have been avoiding dealing with problems for fear of confrontation and 'upsetting the apple cart'. Now I have a clear framework to guide me. Thank you.”

“It had been the case of protecting my own and the company's interests by collecting and presenting overwhelming evidence to the 'guilty party'. I realise now that a more 'human' approach would be more productive and professional.”·

“I will now make every effort to deal with issues before they get out of hand. Delaying things only makes matters worse - for all concerned.”

Please email us if you would like a more detailed course outline and a tailored quote.

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