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Introduction to Project Management

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2-day In-house Course


The challenge of delivering projects on time and on budget is a real test. Whatever professional discipline is involved, a successful project manager will need to understand the structure and stages of a project, and to have excellent people management skills.

This course will introduce practical techniques and methods for planning and controlling projects, providing participants with an easy to understand, pragmatic approach to project management. It will give participants the opportunity to reflect on their current understanding of their role, to examine any techniques currently used and to identify how they can be improved by applying a range of tools and techniques for the benefit of themselves, their project team members and the organisation as a whole. Importantly, it will enable participants to approach their role with greater awareness and confidence, and will help them to recognise the key stages of their own on-going development as successful project managers.

The course is particularly recommended for anyone looking for a step-by-step guide to successful project management, including how to manage the wide variety of responsibilities that are involved, and how to deal effectively with difficulties along the way.

"A really useful overview of the process of effective project management"

“Thank you for an excellent introduction to project management - I have been 'managing' projects for a while now, but I had no idea that there were so many different planning tools and techniques that I could have used.”

“I now feel so much better equipped for managing projects at work, but it will also be of use in many other areas of my life - thanks!”

“The course gave a very practical and realistic view of effective project management, with lots of opportunity to practice using the skills and techniques. Very supportive too!”


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