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Two Exciting NEW Half-Day Workshops

You are invited by H2 Training and The Sophrology Academy to join us on the following specially created half-day workshops:

Presentation Skills for the Petrified AND Avoiding the Burnout Trap

Are you so anxious or uncomfortable about speaking in public, that it could be holding you or your business back?

Some people seem to have no bother when it comes to speaking in public... but for others, the fear is truly tangible and often leads to missed opportunities, or unnecessary sleepless nights and stress.

If the latter is you, then fear no more - help is at hand!

We've created this practical half-day workshop especially for anyone who is letting their fear of presenting and public speaking get in the way of their own or their businesses success.

  • Are you so terrified of public speaking that it actually makes you feel ill?
  • Are you afraid to attend a training course in public speaking in case you're put on the spot and asked to present in front of others?
  • Do you sometimes wish you could pay someone else to represent you or your company at events, so you can avoid speaking in public?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then our workshop is for you!

We've designed it to include some really effective practical stress-management Sophrology techniques, which will soon have you feeling more confident, less panicky. You will be freed from the negative feelings and emotions which send you into a spiral of negative thinking, and that prevent you from performing at your best.

You'll also learn some of the most valuable and practical tips for constructing an effective presentation or speech. These are the tools that are used by the majority of people you observe as confident, competent speakers - so all you have to do is apply them during the planning stages, and much of the hard work will done before you even get there!

Petrified of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking need not get in your way any longer - Come and find out how you (yes YOU too) can present with confidence!

The Burnout Trap

Discover how it REALLY IS possible to exceed your goals and ambitions, without sacrificing your health or your relationships...

Could you be working so hard, or under so much daily pressure that you worry about the possibilities of burning out?

Most people know that to be successful (whatever 'success' means for you personally), we need to work hard. Many people genuinely believe that the harder they work, the more results they'll see. It's also a common myth that in order to impress others, we need to show just how hard we're working... If this is you, it's likely that you will have got used to the feeling of pushing yourself harder and harder, or allowing others to push you harder and harder, or to 'dump' their own pressures onto you!

Sadly, the only thing that relentless pressure creates is stress, and the cumulative effects of daily stress, if left unchecked can lead to burnout. Nobody would like to think that they're on a path to burning out, as we like to feel that we're in control and doing just fine. However, even some of the most successful people reach their goals at the expense of their own health...

So we've designed a special half-day workshop to guide anyone who has recognised that they are under a fair amount of pressure at work, and who doesn't think it's going to let-off in the foreseeable future...

  • Do you find yourself thinking and worrying about work outside of 'normal' working hours?
  • Do you wake up in the night, thinking about, worrying about or planning your work commitments?
  • Have you started noticing stress-related symptoms, such as headaches, digestive problems, tension in your neck and shoulders?
  • Are you less tolerant with others that usual?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

We have designed it to include some specific Sophrology techniques, which will enable you to recoup your vital energy and to approach your work with renewed enthusiasm, without feeling the negative effects of stress. You will be freed from the downward stress spiral, which will prevent you from performing at your best, and will ultimately erode your relationships with your colleagues, customers and suppliers.

We'll also share some very practical tools that are used by many of the most successful (and healthy!) managers, entrepreneurs and professionals for dealing with some of the most common sources of stress - Including dealing with difficult people and managing your own behaviour in difficult situations. Plus you'll leave with a really effective personalised strategic plan to ensure that you avoid heading further down the road towards the burnout trap!

"It's time to stop treading the same worn-out old path, and learn how to take control of your own destiny!"

It's unfortunate that so many people (sole traders, business owners, managers, employees) are still failing to recognise the importance of creating and putting into practice a personal strategy for their own success, and for protecting their health and wellbeing. As a result, they aren't able to recognise or to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves, and may well be on a downward spiral of stress related problems…

The good news is that by implementing a few simple but highly effective tips - you can ensure your own outstanding performance that you can be proud of, without sacrificing your wellbeing!

Tina Halperin Director of H2 training

Hello! We're Tina Halperin, Director of H2 Training & Consultancy Ltd, and Florence Parot, Founding Director of The Sophrology Academy.

With over 40 years of combined hands-on experience of suporting individuals and organisations in our respective businesses, we share a joint passion for providing practical and workable tools and techniques which enable individuals and teams not only to perform better, but to do so in a way which is healthy, energising and fruitful to all involved.

Florence Parot

We have also both learnt the hard way how NOT to aim for success - We have personally experienced the effects of working ourselves towards burnout, as well as feeling the fear of speaking in public - and have also found our way out the other side. We share a genuine delight to have been presenting with ease and confidence for at least 20 years, and to be able to share our experience and expertise with others!

They say that hindsight is a glorious thing, well now it's our great pleasure to be able to bring the benefits of our hindsight to your foresight... Whether you feel stressed just at the thought of speaking in public (about 80% of the population do!) or whether you are concerned that your pace or work, or your particular circumstances are not particularly healthy, then we'd love to work with you.

The solutions are surprisingly simple. You simply have to want to make the changes and then to follow the practical exercises, tips and techniques that are sure to make a huge difference to you if you let them!

At H2, we have already brought the benefits of our training, coaching and workshops to a wide range of customers, including British Bakeries, the Bank of England, The Barbican Centre, DHL and Kellogg's. And in continental Europe, Sophrology has been used for more than 50 years in a large variety of areas: in the corporate world for stress relief, and increased efficiency; in hospitals and medicine in general by doctors, nurses, mid-wives, dentists; in sports, arts, education. Sophrology has been used extremely effectively for stress, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, pain, depression or to prepare for an event: exam, speaking in public, sports, competition, stage performance…

Why are we offering these workshops at such a great price? It's because we'd really like the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our businesses to you - and what better way than to invite you to see for yourselves at a real-life event? Rather than just sending you an email describing what we do, we thought you'd appreciate the opportunity to take away some really vauluable tips, techniques and tools from one or two workshops which are sure improve your life - both inside and outside of work! There's absolutely no further obligation to use our services again unless you want to - all we ask is that you give us some honest feedback afterwards, and that you let us know how the techniques are working for you.

So book your place/s on our workshops today, so you can be sure to benefit from of our combined experience and expertise!

If you have any concerns or questions about the contents or suitability, please do give either of us a call, and we'll talk you through what's involved, and how it may be applied to your particular situation.

We look forward to meeting you!


Tina Halperin - Bsc (Hons), MBPS, MIfL, MIoD, MInstLM

Director, H2 Training & Consultancy Ltd
and Author of "How to Make Training Stick"

Tel: 0200 888 0207


Florence Parot - Sophrology Advanced Practitioner Diploma, Nutrition & Life Coaching Diploma, BA Combined Studies

Founding Director, The Sophrology Academy

Tel: 07861 420 059

What is Sophrology?

What is Sophrology?

Sophrology means “the science of the consciousness in harmony”. Created in Spain in 1960 by a neuro-psychiatrist, it is a life-balancing technique made of very practical physical and mental exercises aiming at an alert mind in a relaxed body. At the crossroads between Western relaxation and Eastern meditation, it is simple and does not require complicated postures or large amounts of time each day. You learn the techniques that are best suited to you and are able to re-use them on your own.

Sophrology gives you a very practical set of tools using relaxation and breathing techniques, concentration, visualisation and simple movements. We do not touch the person but guide you with our voice and teach you easy exercises and everyday tools you can use by yourself. You will learn how to recharge in a few minutes, keep a clear mind, manage your stress easily and start the day refreshed.

Take a look at what others are saying about H2 Training and The Sophrology Academy!

  • "Sophrology can change your life! After a two-day Sophrology workshop, I learned a series of effective techniques that I can fit in my everyday life to get rid of the stress that was holding me back. I am now free to enjoy my work and personal life and was even able to go way beyond my comfort zone without negative stress on several occasions." Marie, IT consultant

Thumbs up for H2 Training and Sophrology!

  • "Tina is a great trainer - she has lots of ideas on how to keep training sessions and workshops interesting, whilst also getting everyone in the group to participate. She also provides food for thought, and I enjoyed working with her" Tracy, Volunteering Officer
  • "It has been a blessing finding Florence in Kent when I was discovering that Sophrology is not very well known in the UK yet. Florence is a passionate and competent professional and I am sure that she will bring a lot to the future of Sophrology in the UK going forward." Sophie, HR Driector
  • "Tina is an exceptional trainer who truly inspires delegates on the courses she delivers. In particular she adapts course content to make it completely relevant to the individuals on the course and/or the commissioning organisation. Always well received. Excellent value for money. Additionally her compnay provides excellent customer service" Janet, Trainer
  • "Sophrology has helped me realised I could deal with my stress easily thanks to a handful of “quick fix” exercises. " Susan, PA
  • "Tina's training style facilitated easy learning for a range of staff with different backgrounds and levels of understanding in the subject. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others: this course is easily one of the most helpful, practical pieces of development of my career, and provided at a very reasonable price." Sarah, Communications Manager
  • "Sophrology has helped me manage my stress and my emotions while at work. I now use daily Sophrologic tools to be more assertive, fight anxiety or get rid of negative emotions." Nathalie, PA
  • "Tina is an excellent trainer; well-informed, effective communicator, enthusiastic and operates with integrity. Tina's training was engaging and interesting, and she was a pleasure to work with" Andrea,Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
  • "Sophrology is for me a tool to help me relax very easily wherever I am, even in public" Marie, PA

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