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In a Nutshell Workshops from H2 Training

Half-day In a Nutshell Workshops

Perfect for anyone who would like to develop their skills, but for whom it is difficult to take a full day or two out of their busy schedule. Our intensive half-day In a Nutshell workshops are a fast-track to learning the key elements to success in a range of personal and interpersonal effectiveness topics, and include a range of practical solutions that can quickly and easily be implemented back in the workplace. Look for the In a Nutshell icons in the topics categories below, to take your pick of the intensive half-day workshops on offer...

1 and 2-day Open Courses

Our 1 and 2-day open courses provide a more comprehensive introduction to a range of popular personal effectiveness topics. The longer sessions mean that we're able to include a number of fully participative training exercises which we have designed to give each participant the opportunity to reflect on their current practices, to develop key skills and to plan how they will be putting their learning to the best use once they return to work.

Our 1-day and 2-day open courses are marked with the special diary icons in the topics categories below:


One and two day open courses from H2 Training

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To help you find the course or workshop you're looking for, we've grouped our current range of topics into the following 5 categories. Simply click on one of the headings below, or scroll down to see the full list of courses. Then click on a course title or image of interest, and you'll be taken to a new web page with further details and dates.

Communication and Relationship Management

Management, Supervision and Leadership

Meetings, Facilitation and Training

Productivity and Wellbeing

Sales and Customer Service

Presenting H2 Open Courses


Assertive Woman

Assertive Communication for Women

How to achieve maximum personal potential through clear and confident communication with colleagues, managers and customers.


Assertive Communication for Women - One-day Open Course from H2 Training

Managing your Manager

Managing Your Manager

How to create and maintain a positive and productive working partnership with your manager.


Managing Your Manager In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training


Influencing Skills

How to gain support and commitment for your ideas and goals through the positive use of influencing skills and techniques.


Influencing Skills In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training

Fear of Public Speaking

Presentation Skills

How to prepare and deliver confident and persuasive presentations that achieve desired objectives.


Assertive Communication for Women - One-day Open Course from H2 Training


Negotiation Skills

How to overcome obstacles to achieving win-win outcomes to negotiations in a range of situations.


Negotiation Skills In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training

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Management and Supervision Skills

How to achieve results through the effective management and supervision of staff.


Assertive Communication for Women - One-day Open Course from H2 Training


Effective Delegation

How to get more done and empower team members by effectively delegating appropriately challenging and stretching tasks.


Effective Delegation In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training

Project Management

Introduction to Project Management

How to deliver projects on time, in budget and to defined quality standards.


Assertive Communication for Women - One-day Open Course from H2 Training

EI Leadership

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

How to develop essential Emotional Intelligence Leadership Competencies to get the best from the team


Assertive Communication for Women - One-day Open Course from H2 Training

Poor Performance

Managing Poor Performance

How to identify and respond professionally to a range of poor performance issues.


Managing Poor Performance In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training

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Meeting Room

Chairing Effective Meetings

How to effectively facilitate and manage dynamic and productive meetings that achieve desired outcomes

Managing Poor Performance In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training

Note Taking

Minute Taking

How to take and present concise and accurate minutes that are professional and fit for purpose.


Minute Taking - One-day Open Course from H2 Training


Training for Trainers

How to design and deliver effective training sessions that meet specified learning objectives


Assertive Communication for Women - One-day Open Course from H2 Training

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Overworked Person

Time Management

How to manage your tasks, yourself and your relationships with others to ensure that essential deadlines are met.


Time Management - One-day Open Course from H2 Training


Managing Under Pressure

How to survive the ever increasing workplace demands and pressures through effectively managing time and stress.


Managing Under Pressure - One-day Open Course from H2 Training

EI Course

Emotional Intelligence at Work

How to build productive and professional relationships at work through the development of key EI competencies.


Assertive Communication for Women - One-day Open Course from H2 Training

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sell it post-it note

Sales Skills

How to use a 6-step structured approach to selling that will not only get the sale, but will also strengthen and protect the ongoing customer relationship.


Sales Skills In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training

Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

How to deliver excellent customer service as a basis for organisational and personal success


Excellent Customer Service In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training


Negotiation Skills

How to overcome obstacles to achieving win-win outcomes to negotiations in a range of situations.


Negotiation Skills In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training


Influencing Skills

How to gain support and commitment for your ideas and goals through the positive use of influencing skills and techniques.


Influencing Skills In a Nutshell - half-day workshop from H2 Training

Fear of Public Speaking

Presentation Skills

How to prepare and deliver confident and persuasive presentations that achieve desired objectives.


Assertive Communication for Women - One-day Open Course from H2 Training

Prefer us to deliver training at your own premises?

All of the above topics can also be delivered as in-house training, for any number of people, and for any duration (usually betweeen half a day and 3 days). Please visit our in-house courses page for more details, or contact us for a personalised quote via our online enquiry form...

If you are looking for a course that's not listed, and would like to suggest that we run it as an open course or In a Nutshell workshop, do let us know as we're always open to new ideas.

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Why choose an H2 Open Course?

Over the past 11 years, we've worked hard to devise a range of open courses to suit the needs of our growing number of customers. Our open courses are scheduled public events, ideal if you don't have enough need or interest for an in-house course, but nevertheless would like one or more individuals to benefit from timely training.

So when you choose an H2 Open Course, you'll be getting training that is:

  • Cost-effective: low delegate rates, plus bulk discounts and regular special offers
  • Highly rated: consistently high feedback - 99.8% satisfaction and lots of returning customers
  • Convenient: easily accessible Central London venues/convenient start and finish times
  • Focused on individual needs: average of 5 delegates, with no more than 10 people per course
  • Comfortable: top quality venues to enhance the learning experience
  • All Inclusive: comprehensive workbooks, lunch and refreshments all included - no hidden costs
  • Excellent value: follow-up and certification offered for all delegates (on request)

"How can your open courses be so inexpensive and yet still be any good?"

This is a question that we're often asked by those who havn't yet attended any of our open courses...

At H2 we believe in providing excellent value, as we want to make our training as accessible as possible. We don't think that open courses should be offered at over-inflated prices, where delegate rates are significantly more per person per day than for equivalent in-house training. Unlike some of the larger training companies out there, at H2 we work hard to maintain value for money by keeping our overheads down, and to pass on those savings to our customers - Afterall, it's what keeps you coming time and time again!

So rest assured, you will get more than you bargained for with H2... The number of places in each course is strictly limited so the training can be personalised and focused on the needs of every individual. And we don't scrimp on the quality of training venues and training materials - we want to make sure that our delegates have a positive experience from start to finish!

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One-to-one Training

As an alternative to attending an open course with delegates from other organisations, we also offer all of the above open course topics as individual training. Feedback from delegates who have had a one-to-one session is extremely positive, as it means that you can have the undivided attention of one of our experienced trainers, and can therefore make sure that the session is entirely focussed on your individual needs/interests.

Our standard one-to-one training includes a half-day (4 hour) face-to-face session either at your work premises, or at a convenient local venue, plus two one-hour telephone sessions - one before and one after the training. The telephone sessions help us to ensure that the face-to-face training is tailored exactly to your needs and that you are able to put your learning into practice to make real improvements to your performance at work.

The cost is dependent upon the location and duration of the face-to-face session and we offer discounts for two or more sessions. For example, from January 2012, our standard fees for one-to-one training with the face-to-face session in Central London are £600 +VAT.

If this is of interest, let us know and we'll give you a quote depending on your requirements.

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3 Course Package Deal

Our open courses are alrealy very competitively priced, buy you can get even better value by booking and paying for any three courses for the same delegate at the same time. This will give you equivalent of the special discounted price on each course as registered charities and self-funding individuals as detailed above. (All three courses must be attended within 12 months of purchase).

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H2 Annual Season Tickets

Our Annual Season Tickets are ideal for any organisation with a number of employees requiring access to our programme of open courses and workshops throughout the year. You may purchase multiple days of training for any number or combination of employees at significantly discounted prices. All Season Tickets are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. You simply pay in advance for the required number of days training and we will send you a unique season ticket code that you or your employees can use to book any combination of half-day workshops, 1 and 2-day open courses, and 1:1 training.

As well as having access to our wide range of open courses via our website, we will also invite you to spend your training credits on various exclusive special offers and deals that will only be available to Season Ticket holders, using unspent season ticket credits.

The cost of our season tickets are as follows:

SILVER: 10 training credits - £2750 +VAT

GOLD: 25 training credits - £6250 +VAT


  • Half-day workshops: 0.5 credits
  • 1-day open courses: 1 credit
  • 2-day open courses: 2 credits
  • 1:1 training (Central London): 2 credits
  • In-house training: please enquire

If you would like to purchase one or more of our Annual Season Tickets, please Email us with your requirements and we will get back to you asap to arrange to take payment. As soon as we receive your payment, the Season Ticket will become live and anyone you designate from your organisation will be free to use it to book our courses online.

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How to Make a Booking

Booking on an H2 open course couldn't be simpler - it takes just a few minutes to complete an on-line booking. Just click on the button below and you'll be directed to the form.

Or if you prefer, you can complete a pdf version of the form (156KB pdf):

Click here to open the pdf in your web browser, complete the form, print and FAX to: (0870) 312 1131 or Post to: H2 Training & Consultancy Ltd., 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX. Alternatively, if you have adobe acrobat, you can save the completed pdf and then attach it to an Email. (If the Email link doesn't work for you, use this address: If you also can't see the address, please phone us)

H2 On-line Booking

If you don't already have it, you can get Adobe Reader 9 free from: http://www.adobe.com/go/reader

If you need any assistance with making your booking, or would like to talk with us about which is the most appropriate course to attend, please give us a call on:

Freephone: 0800 0015 151 (UK only) or +44 (0) 200 888 0207

If you'd like to download a copy of our Booking Information and Terms (96KB pdf), please click here.

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Early Bird Discount

If you book and pay for one or more places on our open courses or In a Nutshell Workshops at least 2 months before the advertised date, we will deduct 15% from the fee. To claim your discount, please quote: "EARLYBIRD13" on your booking form. (Standard booking terms apply.)

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Dates and Locations

To view our Open Course and Workshop Programme 2013 please click here


H2 open courses and workshops are currently held in Central London on specified dates. However, if you're looking for an alternative location anywhere in the UK, and/or a different date, and you have at least 2 people interested in attending, we can arrange one that suits your needs!

The cost per person for specially arranged open courses will depend on the location. Simply contact us giving details of your preferred location and date/s (giving us at least 6 weeks notice), and we'll email you a competitive delegate rate.

Once we receive your firm booking, the course will be added to our scheduled list of open courses, and advertised to our other customers - so you still get the benefits of meeting people from other organisations.

As with our regular open courses and workshops, the number of places will be strictly limited to ensure that the training is focussed on individual's needs and that personal objectives are met.

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Cancellations and Transfers

If you need to cancel your reserved or confirmed place(s) and are unable to send a substitute, cancellation fees will apply as follows:

  • Less than 24 hour's notice - 100% of course fee
  • 1-5 working days prior to the course - 75% of course fee
  • 6-20 working days prior to the course - 50% of course fee
  • 21-30 working days prior to the course - 25% of course fee

Cancellations must be made in writing and cancellation charges will be made whether or not payment has been received. We ask that you contact us by email or by telephone to confirm receipt of your cancellation notice. Non-attendance at a course, with or without notice will be treated as a cancellation. Cancellation fees must be paid no later than 14 days after the course start date. After 14 days we will add a further £40 administration charge to each cancellation.

Bookings may be transferred to another course/workshop of an equivalent or greater vaule, as long as notice of at least 20 working days is given in writing and will be subject to an administration charge of 10% of the original course fee. Transfers requested within 20 working days of the original course will be treated as a cancellation.

The number of places on each open course/workshop is restricted, and courses are run subject to demand. We may therefore offer you an alternative date/venue. Similarly there may be circumstances beyond our control that require us to reschedule or relocate a particular course or workshop. Delegates are not obliged to accept the alternative in which case the booking fee will be returned in full if necessary. We will not however be responsible for any other cost however incurred (such as rearrangement of travel and/or accommodation). If you do accept our offer of an alternative date/venue, your booking will be transferred free of charge, and will continue to be subject to our standard Terms and Conditions, including any subsequent cancellation or transfer charges as detailed above.

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Accommodation/Special Requirements

Accommodation can be arranged at extra cost if required. For more details, please contact H2 at least 10 working days prior to the course. Delegates with any special dietary requirements are asked to inform us on their booking form, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

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Whilst attendance at any training course can produce powerful results, research has shown that lasting change is more likely to be achieved when individuals are supported to follow-up and follow-through on their learning. Specifically, coaching has been proven to provide the missing components to create the necessary motivation, impetus and focus to ensure that the skills and knowledge gained through training are consistently applied back in the workplace.

One well-known study (Public Personnel Management; Winter 1997; Olivero, Bane and Kopelman) examined the effects of executive coaching amongst managers in the public sector. Training (which included goal setting, collaborative problem solving, practice, and feedback) increased productivity by 22 percent, whereas training followed by coaching increased productivity by a massive 88 percent! And yet, in another study (Globe and Mail Nov. 12, 2008) although 84 per cent of managers said they "love to coach," and 88 per cent said time spent coaching helps them achieve their goals, just 52 per cent said they do it regularly for all employees.

The reality of the busy workplace means that there are increasing demands on managers, and therefore despite having excellent intentions, there is often not enough time in the working day to set aside space for following up on training. At H2, we're genuinely committed to helping organisations to get the best value from the investment they make in training - we therefore offer:

1. Free email support: for all participants with any questions following their attendance at an H2 course or workshop

2. Coaching: for any course or workshop participants wishing to have more intensive follow-up to help set and achieve personal goals in implementing the learning

3. In-house workshops: for managers/supervisors, giving practical coaching tools and techniques that they can use to provide their own essential post training follow-up support to team members.

If you're interested in any of the above, please do get in touch and we can discuss your needs/send you some further information.

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions

How do I know which is the best course or workshop for me to attend?
Call us on 0800 0015 151 and we will gladly talk to you about your requirements - you can talk to one of our trainers about what our different courses and workshops cover, and we can help you to choose the right course for you/your circumstances.

How do I book a course or workshop?
Booking on an H2 open course or workshop couldn't be simpler - it takes just a few minutes to complete an on-line booking, or you can complete a pdf version of the form that you can download from this page. Click here for more information, or call us on Freephone 0800 0015 151 or email your enquiry to enquiries@h2training.com

How can I be sure that there is space on my preferred course or workshop?
The number of places on each of our Open Courses and workshops is restricted in order to ensure that they remain focused on every delegate's interests and objectives. This means that the most popular courses and workshops can become fully booked well in advance. Our Open Courses are also run subject to demand, and some of our course dates can sometimes be undersubscribed. If your training requirement is time-sensitive, or if your preferred date is critical, you are advised to call us on 0200 888 0207 or Email us at enquiries@h2training.com before making a booking and we will let you know if there are spaces still available.

What happens after I have made a booking?
When we receive your completed booking form, we will reserve the specified number of places on the requested course/date. Your place/s will be confirmed, and a receipted VAT Invoice will be sent shortly after we receive your payment.

How can I secure a place on my preferred date?
Please ensure that you arrange to make payment as soon as possible in advance of the your preferred course date. Places cannot be confirmed on any particular date unless payment has been received.

How can I pay?
Once we have received your booking form, we will send you a proforma invoice. You can pay by BACS transfer, by cheque or by Credit or Debit card (via Google Wallet). Please indicate your preferred method of payment on your booking form. We will then send you a VAT receipt for your records.

Where will the course be held?
All our Open Courses and Workshops are held in easily accessible Central London venues. We use a variety of venues, depending on availability and on the number of delegates attending the event. We will therefore contact every delegate by email about a week to ten days before the training to confirm the exact venue details.

What if I have special requirements?
We will make every effort to accommodate all your special requirements, including dietary and disability needs. If you have a specific need (such as a food allergy, extra assistance on the day, large print or notes in advance) please let us know on your booking form, or call us on 0200 888 0207.

What time will the course/workshop start and finish?
In order to avoid the worst of the London rush hour, our Open Courses usually start at 10:30am and finish by 4:30pm, with a short lunch break. Our half-day workshops usually start at 1:30pm and end at 4:30pm. If there are any changes to the start and finish times, we will let you know in your emailed joining instructions, a week to 10 days before the course.

How many people will be on the course with me?
We purposely restrict the number of places on each course to a maximum of 10 people. However, the number of delegates can vary depending on the topic and the time of year. On average you can expect about 4 or 5 other people on your course.

Is there a dress code?
We like you to feel comfortable, so most people follow a 'smart casual' dress code. As we do not always have total control over the room temperature in the different venues we use, you're advised to wear layers!

What happens if I can't make the date after all?
You need to contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss the options. Please read our Terms and Conditions regarding cancellations.

Do you offer in-house or bespoke training instead?
Yes, we do. All of our Open Course topics can be run in-house as off-the-shelf training, or we can tailor a course specifically for your needs. Please see our training web page for an overview of the different training topics and formats available.

Do you offer one-to-one training instead?
Yes, we do. All of our Open Course topics can be run as one-to-one training - either at your place of work or at a Central London venue. Please click here for more information, or call us on 0800 0015 151.

H2 GuaranteeWhat if the course doesn't meet my expectations?
At H2, we want all of our customers to be happy that the courses they attend are indeed beneficial to them. Our pledge to you is that if by lunchtime (or the mid-way break during a workshop) you feel that you haven’t gained any new information, or if you feel that the practical solutions that have proved valuable to our other customers will not work for you or in your line of business, simply ask us for a refund we will return your open course fee. No quibbles. Guaranteed!

Do you have any other questions that we could usefully answer here? Do let us know!

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