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Managing Under Pressure In a Nutshell - half day workshop from H2 TrainingManaging Under Pressure (In a Nutshell)

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Half-day Workshop

Central London

or One-to-One Training

Workshop Overview

The workplace is becoming ever more demanding and hectic, resulting in increasing time pressures and levels of stress - and the negative effects of stress in the workplace are well known: increased sickness and absenteeism, decreased productivity and avoidable, costly mistakes. Developing skills in time and stress management can have a real impact on productivity, and can help to ensure that individuals and teams remain healthy and motivated.

This workshop provides delegates with the practical support to maximise efficiency and productivity. It also shows delegates how to minimise stress for themselves and others, by managing their own and/or their team's time effectively by introducing powerful and flexible tools for use by both individuals and teams. It is particularly recommended for anyone who is feeling the pressures of a heavy workload, and who wants to make the best possible use of their time in order to achieve their objectives and deadlines - but not at the expense of their own (or others') health.

To download a detailed workshop outline (44KB pdf) please click here

To download a pdf version of our booking form and terms (96KB pdf) please click here

Psychometric Test

In addition to the face-to-face element of the training, we also offer an optional psychometric test, that analyses individual stress factors, and personal styles and behaviours (creating potential areas of stress 'risks' and stress resillience or 'resources'). Whist it is entirely optional, the assessment is extremely useful for enhancing self-awareness and for providing a focus for on-going learning and development. The test can be completed at any time, and includes a comprehensive printed report for future reference, including some useful suggestions of potential areas for improvement that will help you to eliminate or minimise the stress risks, and to become more stress resillient.

One-to-One Training

As an alternative to attending an open course with delegates from other organisations, we also offer "Managing Under Pressure" as individual training on a date of your choice. Feedback from delegates who have had a one-to-one session is extremely positive, as it means that you can have the undivided attention of one of our experienced trainers, and can therefore make sure that the session is entirely focussed on your individual needs/interests.

Our standard one-to-one training includes a flexible combination of face-to-face and telephone sessions. Most popular is a 3-4 hour face-to-face session either at your work premises, or at a convenient local venue, plus two one-hour telephone sessions - one before and one after the training. The telephone sessions help us to ensure that the face-to-face training is tailored exactly to your needs and that you are able to put your learning into practice to make real improvements to your performance at work.

The cost is dependent upon the location and duration of the face-to-face session and we offer discounts for two or more sessions. For example, our standard one-to-one training with the face-to-face session in Central London costs £600 +VAT.

If this is of interest, let us know and we'll give you a quote depending on your requirements.

If you have any further questions, simply email us or call us - we'll be happy to help!

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