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Emotional Intelligence

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Why Emotional Intelligence Training?

Because research has shown that EI is the single most important factor predicting success - twice as important as IQ and technical skills combined! Within 500 worldwide organisations, people who rose to the top measured highest in EI competencies.

Various surveys in the US and UK have reported that people who are high in emotional intelligence experience less stress, enjoy better health, perform more effectively at work, gain others’ co-operation, deal more effectively with change and stay employable…

Specifically, results have shown that companies who implemented Emotional Intelligence training and coaching have benefited by:

      • Up to 60% reduction in employee turnover (Salespeople selected on the basis of emotional competence had 63% less turnover during the first year: Spencer & Spencer, 1996)
      • Up to 20% increase in sales revenue(Assertiveness, empathy, optimism, self-awareness and initiative have all been shown to be more predictive of sale success than background, gender and ‘sales technique’.)
      • More than 15% increase in manufacturing production
      • Reduction by 80% in formal employee grievances
      • Reduction of 50% in time lost due to accidents/illness

Individuals wishing to improve their emotional intelligence are often interested in finding ways to:

      • Understand themselves better in order to pre-empt difficult situations, and in order to fully utilise their existing strengths
      • Gain better control of their own emotional responses to people and situations, in order to: achieve more positive outcomes, make better decisions and to enhance their life-balance
      • Understand others better in order to be able to: motivate and influence, collaborate and build effective on-going working relationships
      • Improve the quality of their working relationships with others, by reducing anger and hostility, developing collaborative effort, and by producing creative energy
      • Enhance their personal success and career prospects by developing key people skills and competencies

Reasons to be cheerful, parts four, five and six?




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"Understanding the powerful role of emotions in the workplace sets the best leaders apart from the rest…

…not just in tangibles such as better business results and the retention of talent, but also in the all-important intangibles, such as higher morale, motivation and commitment."

Daniel Goleman, The new Leaders (transforming the art of leadership into the science of results)


Click the 'play' button below to see Kyle Couch (Canadian Leadership Development expert) discuss the controversial topic of scoring people's emotional intelligence:

Is your team Emotionally Intelligent?

How to spot emotionally intelligent behaviour

The person/people are (amongst others)...

1. Self-aware - they know how their personal feelings affect them and their job performance

2. Clear about their personal values - they live by their values and demonstrate their integrity through their openness about their feelings, beliefs and actions

3. Intuitive - they can often use their intuition to identify the best course of action in a given situation

4. Able to manage their negative emotions and impulses - even being able to channel them in useful ways and staying calm and clear-headed under high stress or during a crisis

5. Adaptable - they can juggle multiple demands without losing their focus or energy, and are comfortable with the inevitable ambiguities of organisational life

6. Flexible - they adapt themselves to new challenges, are ready to adjust to change, and are agile in their thinking in the face of new information or situations

7. Optimistic - they see opportunities rather than threats in a setback. They see others positively, expecting the best of them and their “glass half-full” outlook leads them to expect that changes in the future will be for the better

7. Empathetic - they are able to detect a wide range of emotional signals, often sensing the felt, but often unspoken emotions in a person or a group. They can easily grasp the other person’s perspective, making them able to get along well with people from diverse backgrounds or from different cultures

8. Collaborative - they contribute to an atmosphere of friendly cooperation within a team, and are themselves models of respect, helpfulness and cooperation. Through their own behaviour, they are able to build team spirit and identity.

EI Test

Ordering a full EI Self-Assessment from H2 is simple, just complete our on-line booking form with your details, and we'll get an invoice to you asap. As soon as we receive your payment, you will be sent the relevant test/s...

Booking Form Button

£45 +VAT for a full individual assessment

£100 +VAT for 360 degree assessment

Emotional Intelligence Test

Would you like to know how "Emotionally Intelligent" you or your team are?

We offer an on-line psychometric test, which can be completed as a self-assessment or as a 360 degree appraisal of the 18 EQ competencies. The assessment is extremely useful for enhancing self-awareness and for providing a focus for on-going learning and development. The test can be completed at any time, and includes a comprehensive printed report for future reference, including some useful suggestions of potential areas for improvement.


Emotional Intelligence Training

Would you or others in your team benefit from training in 'Emotional Intelligence'?

As well as the information and advice availble from the internet and from reading books, there's huge additional benefit to be gained from the interaction, practical exercises and valuable feedback that face-to-face training and coaching gives. In relation to the topic of Emotional Intelligence H2 offers:

Communication and Relationship Management Training

Open Courses

Held in Central London in convenient locations on a regular basis - a place costs from just £270 +VAT per person for a 1-day course. We currently offer the following open courses in relation to this topic:

    We can deliver any of our open course topics at your own premises or at a local venue of your choice, plus we offer a number of other off-the-shelf courses that can be delivered in-house, including:

      • Developing Emotional Intelligence
      • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
      • Managing Under Pressure
      • Influencing Skills
      • Conflict Management

    We charge a flat daily fee from £800 +VAT per day (from £700 +VAT for not-for profit organisations), for any number of attendees up to 12 people, dependent only on the location and the duration of the course. Click on the "In-house Courses" button above for more details.

Our bespoke service involves us designing and delivering a tailored course to meet your more individual requirements. Following a short but effective pre-course consultation, we put together a course programme that reflects your specified priorities, and that includes exercises based on real-life case studies/scenarios. This helps us to ensure that the course stays focussed on the issues that are most important to you and your delegates. Click on the "Bespoke Training" button above for more details.

We offer all of our open course and in-house topics as 1:1 training. The cost is dependent upon the topic, location and duration and we offer discounts for two or more sessions. For example, the fees for our standard 1:1 training in Central London covering an open course topic (such as "Emotionally Intelligent Leadership") are £550 +VAT. Click on the "One-to-One Training" title above for more details.


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