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Project Management

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Why Project Management Training?

The challenge of delivering projects on time and on budget is a real test. Whatever professional discipline is involved, a successful Project Manager will need to understand the structure and stages of a project, and to have excellent people management skills.

All too often, Project Managers are appointed for their technical skills, or experience of the project topic - and not for their skills and experience of managing projects. It can be an extremely daunting and challenging task for any new Project Manager to 'hit the ground running' and to handle the inevitable challenges as they come along.

Individuals wishing to improve their project management skills are often interested in finding ways to:

      • Improve their own confidence to manage a project through to successful completion
      • Understand and work within the life-cycle of a project
      • Ensure that they avoid the common pitfalls of ineffective project management from the start
      • Predict and effectively manage potential risks
      • Engage and manage the project team to gain maximum co-operation and performance
Although it may seem that effective project management can be time-consuming, it is actually a valuable process that can save time and effort in the longer term, as it reduces the risk of failure, and gives greater control to reach desired objectives on time, to expected standards and within budget. Following a project management model helps to focus on priorities, to increase efficiency, to track performance, to overcome difficulties and to adapt to change.



"A badly planned project will take three times longer than expected but a well-planned project will take only twice as long as expected."

Origin unknown


Click the 'play' button below to hear the "Project Manager Blues" written and sung by Frank Saladis, project management author, trainer, and consultant....:

How to spot effective project management

The Project Manager is able to...

1. Communicate well-defined goals: The project needs clear, quantifiable objectives to help realise its vision, and measure success.

2. Create stakeholder buy-in: The success of the project will depend greatly on how they are able to manage stakeholder expectations and contributions.

3. Devote sufficient time to planning: The entire process should be planned meticulously with attention to quality, time, money, risk and resources.

4. Adopt visionary management and good leadership: A successful project requires committed and consistent leadership from the Project Manager that creates an inspirational vision and manages the conflicting needs of stakeholders in relation to a common sense of purpose.

5. Be adaptable: The Project Manager needs to find a healthy balance between objectives that are too rigid and those that change too frequently.

6. Manage risks and develop contingency plans: A conscientious Project Manager will build in a comprehensive risk management strategy to help them to cope if the unthinkable happens.

7. Communicate effectively: They will enable team members to communicate effectively with each other, and with other parts of the organisation. They will follow a comprehensive communication strategy, that promotes transparency and accountability throughout the project.

8. Manage change effectively: A project may require an existing organisation to change the way it conducts its business. An effective Project Manager will therefore consider and manage the effects of project change on all employees and on customers.

Project Management Training

Would you or others in your team benefit from training in 'Project Management'?

As well as the information and advice availble from the internet and from reading books, there's huge additional benefit to be gained from the interaction, practical exercises and valuable feedback that face-to-face training and coaching gives. In relation to the topic of Project Management H2 offers:

Communication and Relationship Management Training

Open Courses

Held in Central London in convenient locations on a regular basis - a place costs from just £270 +VAT for a 1-day course and £445 +VAT per person for a 2-day course. We currently offer the following open courses in relation to this topic:

We can deliver any of our open course topics at your own premises or at a local venue of your choice, plus we offer a number of other off-the-shelf courses that can be delivered in-house, including:

We charge a flat daily fee from £800 +VAT per day (from £700 +VAT for not-for profit organisations), for any number of attendees up to 12 people, dependent only on the location and the duration of the course. Click on the "In-house Courses" button above for more details.

Our bespoke service involves us designing and delivering a tailored course to meet your more individual requirements. Following a short but effective pre-course consultation, we put together a course programme that reflects your specified priorities, and that includes exercises based on real-life case studies/scenarios. This helps us to ensure that the course stays focussed on the issues that are most important to you and your delegates. Click on the "Bespoke Training" button above for more details.

We offer all of our open course and in-house topics as 1:1 training. The cost is dependent upon the topic, location and duration and we offer discounts for two or more sessions. For example, the fees for our standard 1:1 training in Central London covering an open course topic (such as "Introduction to Project Management" or "Assertiveness for Team Leaders and Project Managers") are £550 +VAT. Click on the "One-to-One Training" button above for more details.


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