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IT Consultancy

H2 now offers a range of IT consultancy services - founded by H2 in 2010 "Ashford Computer Solutions" provides trained and qualified IT professionals with years of real world experience - available to offer valuable advice, and to diagnose and fix a wide range of computer and network issues.

In much the same way as you do not need to be a mechanic to drive a car, we feel that you should not have to be a computer specialist in order to make the best use of what computer technology has to offer.  We realise how important technology is in people’s everyday lives at home and in the workplace, and the inconvenience it causes when your computer systems let you down. We want to make the process of resolving an issue as quick, pain-free and cost effective as possible for you.

We pride ourselves on our ability to describe to our customers often complex technical issues in simple terms.  However our aim is not to patronise you but to communicate in a way that you will understand.  So if you want a technical explanation we’ll happily give you that too. We offer a Jargon Free Guarantee, this is not just an empty marketing slogan; it is the expression of our very real commitment to providing computer services to you, our customers, in easy to understand language.

Whatever your needs, we will be happy to provide an initial, no-obligation quote.

Visit our Ashford Computer Solutions Website or call Steve on: 01233 469217


Guaranteed Jargon Free (Unless you want it!)

Examples of IT consultancy projects include:

  • IT Needs Analysis
  • Security review / implementation
  • System design / installation
  • Custom build of PC hardware and specialised servers
  • Network design
  • Experts in educational networks
  • Server infrastructure design / installation
  • 'Turn-key' Business Solutions
  • Website design
  • Disaster recovery
  • Design of structured cabling systems
  • Sourcing of software, hardware, peripherals

Geek Free Zone!

The process

  1. Needs Analysis - Having agreed an outline proposal, we will undertake a more detailed analysis of your needs, using a range of appropriate methods. This could involve face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations with relevant staff.
  2. Proposal - We will present our suggestions based on the results of the needs analysis. This usually includes specifying objectives, methods of delivery and evaluation criteria, as well as outlining more detailed costings.
  3. Design - We will design our services to meet agreed objectives and using the most appropriate approach for your situation.
  4. Delivery We are committed to achieving tangible results. We will therefore ensure that all agreed services are delivered according to specified objectives and quality standards.
  5. Evaluation We will produce a detailed evaluation of the overall project including analysis of objectives achieved, and any suggested future requirements.
  6. Follow-up We will either agree follow-up activities at the outset, or they may be agreed as a result of recommendations made at the evaluation stage. These might include:
    • training of key staff
    • on-going mentoring of key staff
    • progress analysis/reports
    • delivery of further services.
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